" Mediation is the art of finding a deal no one can refuse "

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Mediation Defined

The essential characteristics of mediation include the provision of a neutral third party as a referee of the process and who is not focused on the outcome. The Mediator facilitates the parties in exploring a range of solutions, it puts the parties in control and gives the parties a role in constructing solutions. Mediation is non judicial. It gives no assessment or recommendation unless invited to do so by both parties and either party can accept or reject that assessment if they wish to do so. The Mediator is focused on helping the parties to find a resolution to their dispute and he creates an atmosphere that promotes constructive dialogue between the parties.

Mediation is a voluntary, out of court method of resolving disputes or conflict between two or more parties who are free to stop the process at anytime if they so wish.  It is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) where a third party, the mediator, helps the parties concerned to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement.

Mediation is particularly effective for conflict resolution as it is  structured, is private and confidential and has the advantage of allowing both parties to resolve their dispute together and to remain in control of the outcome at all times. Through the mediation process, an amicable, mutually beneficial resolution may be found and where a settlement agreement is reached and signed, is binding to both parties concerned.

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